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‘Stop talking about a successor’: Senator believes new constitution will protect Putin from lame-duck status & stabilize system

Proposed amendments to Russia’s constitution will fix the problem of the country’s personality-driven politics by distributing the president’s powers between different authorities, according to prominent senator Andrey Klishas. “The fact that power in the Russian Federation is so personified [in the Kremlin] is, of course, a problem,” Klishas said. “And ...

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Pussy Riot co-founder Pyotr Verzilov jailed for 15 days on ‘hooliganism’ charges, activist says he was set up by police

Pyotr Verzilov, a controversial Russian shock artist and co-founder of ‘punk’ art collectives Pussy Riot and Voina – along with ex-wife Nadezhda Tolokonnikova – has been jailed for 15 days for “swearing in public.” The penalty comes the day after Verzilov said police questioned him about last year’s Moscow protests, ...

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Researchers discover largest prehistoric structure EVER FOUND in Britain hiding near Stonehenge

Archaeologists working at Stonehenge are said to be “astonished” after discovering the largest prehistoric structure ever found in Britain, a circle of deep underground passages, dating back some 4,500 years. The same Neolithic people behind the mysterious Stonehenge monument, which continues to baffle scientists and archaeologists alike to this day, ...

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‘He’s definitely not right in the head’: Residents describe Reading terrorist’s past violence to RT’s Ruptly

Neighbors have described the Reading terrorist attacker as potentially having mental health issues, telling Ruptly about previous erratic – and sometimes violent – behavior displayed by Khairi Saadallah. Saadallah was arrested after carrying out a knife attack in a park in Reading on Saturday evening, in which three people were ...

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The Guardian’s sister paper forces YouTube to again terminate ‘far-right’ channel The Iconoclast, doxes man behind it

The liberal newspaper the Observer has prodded YouTube into re-suspending “the most successful and toxic British far-right” anonymous channel and has unmasked the individual running it. The Observer, the sister newspaper of British liberal heavyweight the Guardian, has joined campaigners in celebrating a victory over YouTube channel ‘The Iconoclast’. It’s ...

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