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Reclaiming lost habitat: Muscovites warned as wild boars spotted in capital’s parks

The official website of Moscow’s mayor has published advice on dealing with wild boars after multiple sightings in the city’s parks. Muscovites have been advised to move slowly away, without attracting the animal’s attention.

“Boars are cautious animals that will not attack a person without provocation. However, in case of danger, they can be extremely aggressive, especially a boar with piglets,” said the website’s advice. “When you meet a wild boar, experts advise you to freeze and try not to attract attention to yourself.”

As described by the mayor’s website, wild boars are very strong and are quick runners. Although they have poor sight, they have an excellent sense of smell.

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Boars have been spotted in Moscow’s Bitsevsky Park and Moskvoretsky Nature and Historical Park, as well as in the vast green areas of New Moscow. Bitsevsky Park is a specially protected natural area, located in the south of the city.

Moskvoretsky Park is the largest natural park in the capital, located alongside the Moscow River in the North-East.Moskvoretsky is also home to two estate complexes, including preserved manors.

In 2019, more than 350,000 Russians were attacked by animals, of which 38 percent were wild.

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