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A Two-For-One Affair In Bukit Tabur

Bukit Tabur is by all accounts, a two-for-one affair with the sky-piercing hill separated into two equally scenic locales (an eastern and western section) by the Klang Gates dam.  

The Challenging Hike Up Bukit Tabur

This intimidating quartz ridge features a total of five different peaks and offers a challenge for hikers looking to conquer it. And of the two sections, Bukit Tabur West is more commonly used by hikers compared to its eastern counterpart. Reason being, the eastern trail is more suitable for experienced hikers as the ascent takes longer, while the terrain is also rockier. 

Regardless, both trails may end up at slightly different endpoints but the journey is definitely well worth the view you get at the top. Imagine an amazing sunset scenery coupled with the luscious greenery as well as the tranquil waters of the dam, and you’ve got a clear picture in mind. 

Also, if the weather permits, you may even catch a glimpse of the ever-fab Genting Highlands!  

Address: Bukit Tabur, 53100, Selangor


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