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The Advantages Of StrongLifts 5×5

As a program, StrongLifts 5×5 brings with it many positive attributes, particularly for beginner lifters. It’s simple and easy to adopt, which will help newbie lifters get into the groove of things if they’ve never set foot in a gym! 

The Benefits Of StrongLifts 5×5

More importantly, StrongLifts is essential for beginner lifters to get a grasp of important lifting techniques as they’ll start at a relatively lightweight and work up from there. 

Simplicity is the key here as the trainee will be able to plan around their workout days in advance since they already know exactly how many days per week to hit the gym, as well as which exercises to use on each training day.

There is no guesswork here, only proper planning — as the cliché goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

As mentioned, the simplicity of StrongLifts makes it a wonderful strength program catered for beginners. This is especially true when it comes to the all-important lifting forms. Since the program only utilises five lifts (with three of them done three times a week), there’s a lot of chances to practise good form. A fair amount of frequency means that the core lifts will be done more frequently and subsequently, encourages good form via constant practice.

But that’s not the only positives to come out of taking on Stronglifts 5×5. Even if you’re more concerned about becoming a chiselled statue, this program still helps to pack on the muscles. Simply put, lifting heavy ensures muscle growth to accommodate the heavier load.

Last but not least, StrongLifts is flexible! Rather than spend an amount of time in the gym trying to get that last bit of striation going on your deltoids, StrongLifts is a flexible training program that allows you to plan your training around your life and not the other way round.


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